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 :: Jamaican Fruit
 :: Red Velvet
 :: Apple-Brandy
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 :: Bacardi Rum
 :: Chewy Turtle
 :: Chocolate Fudge
 :: German Chocolate
 :: Hummingbird
 :: Lemon Pound
 :: Seven Flavor Pound
 :: Super Moist Carrot
 :: Triple Chocolate
 :: Tunnel of Fudge
 :: Whipping Cream
 :: White Chocolate

Old Fashion Country
Country Cakes
Decatur Georgia
(770) 987 5112
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Old Fashion Country Cakes  (OFCC) is a bakery born out of the love of baking cakes for our friends and family.

In the early eighties when we began to supply our business colleagues, friends, and various family gatherings, the big question was “When are you guys going to turn this into a business?” the corresponding reply was “soon”, well a couple hundred cakes later, a couple of  decades later and finally, here we are and not a day too soon .

Today OFCC is our business and we make our cakes with the same dedication to quality, excellence and workmanship, with the same exacting standards and old southern recipes. We want you our customers to experience the best in our products and services.


We would love to recommend a cake selection for you, win your loyalty and satisfy your cravings. It is our wish to make this a long and lasting relationship with Old Fashion Country Cakes, and thanks for your support.

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